Industrial Products
Waste Water Treatment (WWT®)
The Waste Water Treatment (WWT®) is an alternative to chemicals which are commonly used in cleaning waste water treatment systems. It is a proprietary blend consisting of naturally occurring selected strains of biocatalysts for efficient break down of organic waste produce, enzymes which break down fat, oil, grease and starch resulting in the removal of floating ‘grease pads’ from waste water systems. Moreover, in a recent independent scientific testing, the Waste Water Treatment (WWT®) Product outperformed the competition by biodegrading toxic and other difficult -to-degrade substances such as phenols, chlorinated hydrocarbons and proteinaceous wastes at accelerated rates.


• Provides rapid breakdown of all complex substances
• Maximises natural bio-decomposition
• Effective under a wide range of conditions
• Enhances stability of waste water treatment systems
• Reduces B.O.D.