Personal Applications

Hand Sanitizers
Quash Hand Sanitizer is a 100% natural spray with a patented formulation of ingredients, lab-proven to kill the toughest of germs and viruses, with added vitamins and minerals to help moisturise and nourish your skin. It contains no harsh chemicals or alcohol that can dry and crack your skin; so you can rely on your hands to always be healthy as well as germ-free.

Having spent years spreading Manuka Honey on their toast, it took a chance meeting of our founders with a beekeeper from New Zealand to realise that there were more powerful ‘medical grade’ versions of Manuka Honey with the ability to kill the toughest of germs & viruses.

Not being a big fan of applying alcohol or chemicals on their skin, they set about combining Manuka Honey with some of nature’s most powerful ingredients, to create a hand sanitizer aggressive enough to kill all known germs & viruses, while being gentle on the skin.