Case Studies
Case Study 8: Lake in Jarauli Village (Karnal, Haryana)
Karnal village ponds are contaminated with grey water. The contamination of grey water along with animal dung, dust and mud, sludge settlement and fertilizer contamination from nearby fields runoff and water from solid waste dumps around the village’s, has caused the humble village ponds to become a cess pool.
During the site visit for the 3 village ponds Quash noticed significant sludge build up in Pond No.3 which was preventing water from percolating into the ground. Therefore not allowing ground water recharge to occur in Ponds 1 to 3. For ground water recharge the sludge has to be significantly reduced before any treatment. Quash’s product was sure to aid in sludge removal (therefore reduction of BOD) so the treated water can meet consent; reduce BOD so that water can go back in ground and also be used for irrigation, farming or for animal drinking purposes.

Quash undertook the scope for consultation and recommended a combination application for its Aqua Culture Management® (to stabilize the pond’s ecosystem and natural environment by removal of Nitrates and Phosphates to remove duckweed and algae) and Waste Water Treatment® (to remove the toxicity and reduce the load of BOD in the water to be dosed over a period of 15 days). During the operational stage Quash technical Team made the required site visits for assessing progress of the treatment as well as for sample collection as per the pre-defined schedule and closely monitored the impact of the solution on the lake.

There was no treatment taking place in the ponds when Quash treatment started. Water coming in and going out was almost of the same colour. BOD and Algae percentage came down drastically in two weeks. Initially there were lot of mosquitoes because of algae and duckweed and lot of children were getting sick. During the treatment of Ponds villagers living around the pond mentioned that there were significantly less number of mosquitoes and flies coming from the ponds.

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