Case Studies
Case Study 6: Toilet Infrastructure at The Great India Place Mall (Noida, UP)
We were approached by IRPPL, the parent company of The Great India Place mall in Noida. Housekeeping and the engineering team were faced with problems of blockages in the toilets as well as the Urinals. The mall at 8 years old was in good condition and has been well maintained, however having the largest footfalls (on average 90,000 people per day) in the country of any mall, the toilet and pipe infrastructure was being inundated during peak footfall periods.

After a detailed analysis of the situation Quash recommended two biological products to them; Bog BombsĀ® and Natural Urinal BlocksĀ®. The house keeping team was instructed to use the Dissolvable sachets once every other day and place each urinal block, which with current footfalls lasts about 5-6 days.

In the period of 48 hours it was noticed that the bad odours had disappeared; after one week the heavy scaling had disappeared and after one month it was seen that blockages in both urinal and toilet pipes had been removed. The client also came back to say that their house keeping staff have had fewer health issues as they no longer have to use harsh and abrasive chemicals on a daily basis.