Case Studies
Case Study 5: Grease Degradation/Solids Reduction
A food factory processed cooked meats mainly turkey and ham. They had limited effluent processing capability on site and discharged into the sewer network. The water authority complained of blockages in the sewers due to grease and fat from the factory. Screening was used to take out the solids, but the screens would often block with grease and fat. Every week 2m3 of greasy solids was taken away for disposal.

An aerated biological treatment unit was placed in line before the screen and Quash bacteria was dosed daily some thirty metres away, where the effluent first entered the site’s drains. After two weeks of operation, significant improvements were observed.

The screens no longer blocked, every month 1m3 of solids was taken away and the suspended solids in the effluent were reduced by
90%. This had significant benefits in reduced water treatment charges from the utility.