Case Studies
Case Study 4: Restaurant at Public House
Catering to approximately 750 covers per week, three quarters of which amass over the weekend, a restaurant at public house ultimately experienced issues with their grease traps. Owing to heavy rush over the weekends, the grease trap and drains would come across shock loading at this time. The drains and ultimately the grease trap were treated with a Grease Guzzler bioreactor using bio-fluid. At the end of the line was a Sewage Treatment Plant to treat all the waste from the pub. The restaurant had been treated with bio-fluid from a competitor for 2-3 years and had shown some improvement in the grease but smell and the quantity of grease was still a problem.

Quash surveyed and undertook treatment of the grease traps with recommended Grease Trap Treatment® developed by Quash as per the normally defined operational procedures. During the treatment all functions at the restaurant continued as per the normal course of time and activities.

Within two months from Quash treatment the client witnessed considerable improvement. The grease cap had decreased 30cm in height and for the first time since treatment began the outlet weir was visible. There were no adverse effects in the sewage treatment. The primary tank was in good condition with no signs of grease and the bio-zone was operating well. No complaints of foul odours had been received and there were no more blockages in the pipe-work.

Daily Flow: Approx 1-2 m3