Case Studies
Case Study 3: Pumping Station to Fast Food Outlet

At a popular fast food restaurant that serves around 600 – 1000 transactions per day, grease problems had been a dominant issue. This issue arose owing to inefficient pumping framework and frequent breakdowns at the pumping station (i.e. pump failure, float switches, rancid odours and blockages) that resulted in the restaurant to incur high maintenance costs for cleaning out of the sump periodically
(every 6 months).
The Grease Guzzler doses into the drain lines, which then in turn flow into a pump sump. A Grease Guzzler had been on site for two years and various bio-fluids had been trialled during this time. However, none had witnessed a great deal of success. This had been attributed to the harsh environment in the pump sump, making it difficult for the grease degrading bacteria to survive. Such conditions generally could include high temperatures; high levels of detergent and other cleaning agents and also, linked to this fact, large variations in pH.


Trials were conducted using the new Liquid S45 formula from Quash at the fast food outlet using a bioreactor Grease Guzzler. The images depict the significant changes that were observed after the treatment in the grease content of the sump.

After merely one month of treatment with Quash solutions, considerable changes were observed in the nature of the cap with large areas of clear effluent as visible in the image above. There was also no smell being emitted from the sump. The success of the new bio-fluid can be attributed to the fact that it is multi-strained and, therefore, has a range of bacteria that can survive in the harsh environment of the
pump sump.
Daily Flow: 10m3