Case Studies
Case Study 1: Sewage Treatment Plant, Haryana
Currently all untreated black water is going directly in River Yamuna. During the months of June – August 2014 Quash conducted a survey at an STP in Panipat (Haryana), a key infrastructure built in late 90’s for the purpose, however exposed to inefficiency and lack of
proper maintenance.
During the survey Quash established that the waste water discharge from the STP was a combination of both domestic as well as Industrial effluents; wherein waste water from the latter was a conflict of effluents from general and the textile industries. Even though the characteristics of the effluent from these categories are different, the waste water was being bypassed and discharged into the Yamuna River (partly treated by conventional means and remaining untreated).

Quash was approached by the Government of Haryana post which operations began to treat this plant and the effluents discharge using Quash bioremediation solutions in combination with its unique Pre–Assimilation Technology (PAT)©. The exercise was undertaken for a period of 2 months and the results were found to be very encouraging.

Quash products improved the efficiency to allow large flow volumes to be accommodated into the same infrastructure. The capacity of the plant in Panipat was 35mld but it was observed that the flow received was 50mld; dosing mode was not altered during that time. Quash solutions improved the quality and effluent and resulted in:
• Reduced BOD (55% decrease)
• Reduced COD (56% decrease)
• Reduced Ammonia level (64% decrease)
• Foul odour reduced drastically within 1st week of operations and by the consecutive week the odour had disappeared completely
• Colour of Sludge changed from black to clear and ultimately no sludge was visible