About Us
Quash Products India, a UK-based brand, presents engineered solutions and services for bioremediation. With over 20 years of successful implementation in the global industrial, commercial & retail sector, the company has grown with complete focus on end-to-end project management pan India.

The foundation of our expertise is set in the proactive approach our team takes towards prevention of contamination right at the point where it meets with water and inhibits pollutants from flowing into the ecosystem. Quash solutions and services are embodiment of this foundation and thus the technology has been recognized by the Government of India and empanelled with the Mashelkar Committee by the Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation.

At Quash, we understand the tenacity our client projects demand owing to varying levels of complexity. Thus, we take great care in developing solutions and create them at our own manufacturing facilities. Our Research & Development team of highly skilled chemists and microbiologists thrive on working constantly towards innovating natural bioremediation solutions that can be applied across a range of problem areas.
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